What to expect

The Consultation

The initial consultation will usually last an hour during which a full medical history will be taken. This will look not only at the current health problem but at all details of your past medical history, diet and lifestyle. Physical examinations are carried out if necessary. It is usually necessary to have follow-up consultations, where progress is assessed and the prescription or dosage adjusted according to your needs. Follow up consultations usually last for half an hour and take place every 2-6 weeks, depending on the nature and progress of the complaint.


Herbal treatment

The Prescription

The herbal prescription is uniquely tailored to you and usually consists of a number of herbs taken as a liquid tincture. Teas, creams, capsules or lotions may also be prescribed. In all cases medicines are convenient to take and require little or no preparation. Your prescription will be dispensed for you after your consultation and repeat prescriptions can be ordered by telephone and collected or posted. Only natural and whole plant preparations are used, grown organically in Kelli’s own herbal garden, picked locally or sourced from sustainable and ethical producers. No animal ingredients are used.


Health Insurance Cover

Hibernian Avivas now offer cover to patients attending medical herbalists, who are members of the IIMH