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Dear Friends and Patients,
During this difficult time when the world is struggling to understand and contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, I am closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive steps at the clinic to maintain the health and safety of all patients and preserve the safety and integrity of The Outhouse Natural Pharmacy Dispensary to ensure that all patients can receive their prescriptions without delay or disruption.

For this reason, I have chosen to move all consultations on line (Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp). I welcome New Patients for a ‘First Consultation’ or perhaps you are booking a ‘Follow Up Consultation’. You can use the online booking system (click here – make a booking) to find an available time that will suit you so that I can bring the clinic directly to your computer or phone.
Many of the diagnostic tests used can be shipped directly to you for specimen collection at home, reducing in-person interactions.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions can be ordered on line, are dispensed on Wednesdays (please order on or before Tuesday) and are available for collection or delivered by post/courier. DO NOT pick up from the clinic collection box if you are a close contact even if asymptomatic for the protection of all – alternative arrangements can be made on your behalf.

Please note that delivery times may be affected by Covid 19 and it is best to allow 7-10 days for post to ensure continuous supply of your medicine. Where herbal medicine is supplied via the postal system, postage and packing will be an additional charge to the cost of medicines.

UK patients are further affected by Brexit and may incur some further delays with courier delivery.

I look forward to safely resuming face to face consultations again.
Please be reassured that I will continue to take all appropriate measures necessary to ensure a safe environment. All surfaces are cleaned with 70% IPA between appointments. (Click here for Clinic Covid Procedure)

Procedure for Consultations at The Outhouse Clinic during The COVID 19 Pandemic

Please read the following carefully prior to your visit. If you have any individual concerns regarding the guidelines please contact me in advance.
• Come to your appointment alone unless you require assistance or you are a parent/guardian accompanying a child.
• Please phone on arrival (087 965 2822) and I will ask you to come in or to wait in your car.
• Wear a face mask entering the clinic and while in the clinic (unless asked to remove it for examination).
• Sanitise your hands on entrance to the clinic.
• Bring only essential personal belongings to the clinic.
• Please bring your own drink should you need one.
• Implement social distancing and cough etiquette while in the clinic where possible.

If you have any common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you should self-isolate and phone your GP straight away to get a coronavirus test. Do not present at the Herbal Medicine Clinic and telephone to make alternative arrangements such as remote consultation.
Common symptoms of coronavirus include:
• a fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius or above)
• a cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry
• shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
• loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal
• Sore throat
• Headache
• Congestion or runny nose
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhoea
It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show. They can be similar to symptoms of cold and flu.

Foreign Travel

Please follow government guidelines with respect to travel. If you have recently arrived (within 14 days) from a non-green list foreign country, please do not present at clinic, telephone in advance to arrange a remote consultation and self-isolate as required.
Arriving to Ireland from a non-green list location
If you arrive into Ireland from a location that is not on the green list, you will have to restrict your movements for 14 days.


I have received many questions at the clinic asking how patients can best protect themselves and their loved ones from the infection. Our understanding is that for the most part this illness will be mild, but that for older and immunocompromised patients the risks are more serious.

The Role of Herbal Medicine

I have and continue to support many patients who have contracted Covid 19. Whether asymptomatic, in the acute state of infection or suffering ‘Long Covid’ symptoms. If you require support please make an online booking (click here) and be sure to state Covid Infection as your Principle Reason for Consultation.

My advice for everyone is to remember that simple changes can make a difference to health and wellbeing (as well as handwashing, wearing a mask and keeping your distance)

Food Matters: Aim for an unprocessed, whole foods diet with plenty of bright colours. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates in favour of healthy fats and diverse protein sources including nuts, seeds and oily fish. In short, the Mediterranean Diet is a good starting point.
• Sleep Matters: Aim for at least 7-8 hours. Help your brain settle for the night by avoiding screen use before bed.
• Connection Matters:

  • One of the joys of modern technology is that we can now keep in touch with friends or family who may not be able to go out due to restrictions on the movements of those at risk or those who may have been infected. Curb loneliness with frequent calls and video chats – think about those around you who might appreciate a little screen to screen time or a chin wag on the telephone.
    • Relaxation Matters: Keep abreast of the current recommendations but avoid constant worrying over the virus on social media. Do something you enjoy each day and take time to appreciate the many beautiful things which surround us.
  • Nutrition Matters: The role of particular nutrients, deficiencies and supplementation are all being researched. For the moment it may be useful to consider the supplements shown to be useful for other cold and flu viruses
  • Vitamin C can reduce the duration of cold symptoms if you’ve started taking it regularly before falling sick. This seems especially true for f
  • Vitamin D can help prevent upper respiratory infections. People spending a lot of time indoors in the winter is tied to seasonal flu through higher viral transmission in closed areas and a lack of sunlight.

If you are worried about yourself or a family member please follow the advice on the following link

Order A Prescription

Repeat prescriptions are dispensed on Wednesdays. To ensure that you are on the list please order on or before Tuesday.

For Collection

you will receive a text message or email to tell you when your prescription is ready for collection. If you know the day (am/pm) that you will likely collect, please state in your order. This will help me to manage space and times for the collection box! The collection box is located on the wooden picket fence to the side of the main cottage and stone out building.

For Post/Courier

Please note that delivery times have been affected by Covid and it is best to allow 7-10 days for post to ensure continuous supply of your medicine. Where herbal medicine is supplied via the postal system, postage and packing will be an additional charge to the cost of medicines.
UK patients are further affected by Brexit and may incur some further delays with courier delivery.