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How I Can Help You

Herbal Medicine can treat a wide variety of conditions, either as a primary treatment or in conjunction with conventional medicine or other treatments and is especially useful in chronic illness. It is likely I have seen it before but if you are unsure if Herbal Medicine is for you simply Email and I will try my best to outline a plan.

Through 15 years of clinical experience I have come across many complex cases. The Medical Herbalist’s therapeutic approach offers a thorough understanding of pathology, the origin and progression of illness and most importantly how it affects your physiology and in a multi system way – all of You!

If you are looking for a real and lasting solution and not a quick fix. If you are willing to make practical dietary and lifestyle changes and are willing to give something a little time then you will be helping me to help you to achieve your health goals and become your best Self!

Areas of particular interest and experience are ‘Preconception to Birth and Early Days’, Autoimmune Disease and conditions related to the Autism Spectrum


Herbal treatment for Infants and Children


Constant runny nose, frequent ear infections, colic, reflux, unsettled babies, frequent colds, fussy eaters, bad tempers, trouble sleeping, molluscum contagiosum, asthma, eczema, food allergies, poor concentration, lack of energy and everything in between…the list goes on. I specialise in children’s health and would love to help you, help your child.
Children respond incredibly well to herbal medicines. Changes are often fast and deep-seated, having beneficial effects on physical, mental and emotional levels.
Children deserve the right to a healthy start in life, and I firmly believe a child’s health when they are young, can hugely impact their risk factors for many diseases later in life.

Tiredness and Fatigue
Stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression
Headaches and Migraine

Menstrual problems
Optimise fertility
Preconception care
Pregnancy nutrition and complaints
Preparation for Birth and Breastfeeding

Immune Support
Viral and Bacterial Infections
Fungal and Parasitic Infections
Autoimmune conditions
Wellness and healthy aging
Allergies, Hayfever, Asthma

Digestive problems
Food allergy and intolerance

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Poor Circulation and Varicose Veins

Urinary Tract Infections
Enlarged Prostate

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and other Skin conditions