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What to Expect

The initial consultation will usually last an hour during which a full medical history will be discussed. This will look not only at the current health issue but at all details of your past medical history, diet and lifestyle as well as your health goals.

A physical examination might be required

  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Listening to your heart and lungs
  • Checking your ears
  • Other physical exams; abdominal, musculoskeletal or nervous system
  • Checking your urine
  • Glucose Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Specialist Functional testing (Read more…)
    Interpretation of existing blood tests and reports

Specialist Testing

I offer specialist testing with laboratories based in the UK,USA and Germany. Most of these tests are not commonly available through the Irish GP or hospital system.
These include detailed screenings for Hormonal/Thyroid/Adrenal profiles all of which are important in a wide variety of Autoimmune, Fertility and General Hormonal Problems. Complex stool analysis for gut infection and parasites as well as general digestive problems and an optimal microbiome.
Tests are only offered if indicated following consultation and only if they are required to inform your therapeutic plan and prescription. Costs can vary depending on the individual test, laboratory, exchange rate, customs requirements etc.

Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations, how many and how often will vary depending on your presenting complaint and health goals.
For example; acute infections such as ear, chest and urinary infections may be effectively treated and clear in 5-10 days. You may require a follow up visit to check.
As a general rule of thumb, I estimate that for every year you have a chronic condition you will require a month of herbal treatment. It is likely that you will have a number of follow up consultations over time to monitor your progress and adjust your prescription to continue to help You on your journey to a healthier You.